Monday, 15 May 2017

Quick & Easy Makeover idea for your home!

It's easy to neglect and become bored with particular pieces of furniture over time and when pieces start to show signs of ware and tare we tend to quickly think of ways to replace them- it seems easier, but costly too! If you're a fan of wood you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

Some pieces age really well with time and can further add character to your home. But there are some pieces that due to sun exposure, children, pets and just day to day ware, that can be left looking a little tired - draining the room from its beauty. 
Different parts of the TV Stand have lost colour and look faded and scratches very obvious!

Extreme sun exposure has seen this reclaimed wood coffee table lose its color and life!

I love my living room but it does consist of wooden furniture that is looking a little tired. The open plan dining is not too far from sight and also features wood. I realised some pieces were in much need of TLC. 

Problem Solved in just one step

I visited a trusted Furniture Designer/Retailer in Hong Kong known as Tequila Kola and discussed my issues. Before I knew it I had a repair guy at my door sanding down and re touching our much-loved pieces. I didn't have to leave the house or part with the items, and in a matter of hours I had a transformation that cost far less than the cost of purchasing or replacing a new piece of small furniture. 

Carefully sanded back and re touched!

Care was taken with dining chair legs 

Sometimes the change you need is simpler than you think. I really do feel these pieces are new again and can certainly feel the new energy around!

Tv Stand is now all one tone!

If you're looking at ways to reinvigorate an area of your home, drop me a note at! 

No more mismatched dining chair legs!

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