Wednesday, 19 April 2017

DIY! Easy steps to decluttering and organising the toys

It’s a small World

There is just one room and a ton of stuff 
where a happy toddler is sure to have fun
though the play sets are wide and the action figures are high
It's a small person’s world after all …

Tired of toys scattered on the floor? Discover simple and cost effective solutions that will take care of  toys, books and artwork!
If there’s one thing that will keep me tossing and turning at night- it would be being surrounded by clutter and mess. Since having a child I made a promise to never let the clutter of toys and little peoples items get the better of me. 
Our current space is tight and temporary so I found these options for storing Toys, Artwork and Books a real hit in our home! This system works well and hasn’t taken the fun out of playing!

I didn’t look past Ikea for the storage system as I wanted something relatively inexpensive, and flexible in the way it served its purpose in our home. As a child I loved to categorise things whether it be my mothers pantry or my own wardrobe! So why not do it with toys!

Categorising toys by concept makes it easy locating much loved items and can make tidying up fun!

Individual boxes helped extend playtime as my child was learning to play one box at a time instead of being overwhelmed with one giant toy box. Besides it's much easier tidying up one box at a time!

Little people fit so much fun in one day including artwork and reading and the challenge is fitting it all into a home!
Here's an easy solution to storing artwork. Try using colourful or monotone frames of all shapes and sizes. This feature will add a unique and personal touch to a room whilst making it colourful and fun. 

Picked up online is this four tier shelf and my son loves it as he can see his books face on! It’s the perfect height for little fingers and can moved around the home if need be as it is light weight too! The colours work well with the framed artwork in our reading corner.

I'd love to see your pics of your play room so get styling and send them through...

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