Monday, 6 February 2017

Hand made treasures for your home

I always start decorating a new home or space by asking the occupiers to share with me a few of their favourite things. It helps in understanding the personality and individual style I’m working with, as well as the primary use of their space.

Here are two of my recently purchased home-wares from one of my favourite destinations Hoi An, Vietnam. I visit this part of Asia at least once a year and fall in love with it each time. My home is adorned by Asian ceramics and photography.

Both the Vase and Tea Set are hand made by a family run business operating from the ancient town itself since1968.  These items have a place in my home and heart, and, when in my dining area,  I can feel the charm of the region.

Exploring the ancient town of Hoi An and want to find this store?

If you had to select two items from your existing home to create a new space,  what would  they be. Send me a note! I’m interested to know.

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