Monday, 27 February 2017

D.I.Y  Party Spread for Toddlers

Party planning can be stressful especially when toddlers are involved! Here’s a simple DIY idea for the snacks table the next time you host

Yellow is a refreshing and eye-catching colour! It was  chosen as a key colour for the styling of this toddlers’ party as it happens to be his favourite colour. The goal was to create a perfect buffet style snack table appropriate for little fingers. The majority of snacks were healthy and out numbered the treats - making everything appear bright,  screaming out EAT ME! It worked a treat and attracted all party goers - including the adults.  It also unintentionally became part of the entertainment by keeping the little people busy scooping and pouring.

Top Tips for creating your own:

·      Even the food table needs a theme and the easiest and most cost effective is colour! Get your child involved and get them to pick a favourite colour.
·      Always use a table cloth and chose one that works well with the theme. Keep it simple in pattern as it will make the other details stand out.
·      Create a buffet style snack table at the right height- It can be part of the fun when your little guests select and scoop out their favourite treats on their own.
·      Add depth and interest to your table by using sturdy boxes  and polystyrene foam stands. This will allow you to display the food on different levels.
·      Cover boxes/stands in colourful paper inline with the theme to create different levels and depth. The spread will appear far more exciting!
·      If you want to display healthy snacks in an interesting way , try serving vege sticks and dips in clear cups.  This makes it easy for little fingers to hold and can actually make it a mess free snack.  Plus, I love that there’s no double dipping here, and, very little wastage.
·      Never overlook old Jars! They can come in handy if offering a candy bar! Get searching and clean out unused jars. All shapes and sizes are welcome. A variation in height and size can add more fun!
·      Take your styling to another level and  create fun food tags for each dish.

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